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TogetherAlicia and I are going to be taking Aspen to Disneyland tomorrow, so Zoe and I decided to do our FatherMoment date the night before.

StrawberriesI need to caveat this post by saying that I am writing this post over 1 month late and that I am currently in New York writing this post in the middle of a conference.Chicken

With that stated I will just say that I remember very few fun details of our date other than going to Zupas for dinner and then to Smart Cookie for dessert.  Also, we had a nice little conversation with Zoe about getting married and hearing her thoughts about wanting to be a mom and wife in the future.

I will just use this time to mention a few of my favorite things about Zoe.  She just recently received straight A’s in al her classes.  I went to her last parent teacher conference and listened to her core teacher talk about how he loves her.  He said, “I wish I could just bottle the essence of Zoe and give it to all my students!”.  It has been fun to see Zoe so engaged in learning.  She continues to be an extremely creative and crafty little girl.  Everyday I come home to projects that Zoe has invented.  It is fun because she doesn’t seem to have any fear of doing something wrong.  She dives into her own school work assignments, like a poster on the last book she read without any feelings of being overwhelmed.  I love that she is quick to take action and that she doesn’t allow doubts or insecurities to be apart of her world.

Zoe is like the stereotypical middle child


 in that fact that she is more independent.  As a middle child, I relate to that.  I make a point to go into her room every night and give her big hugs and tell her that I love her since she isn’t always the one running to me and asking for them.Bride

The last thing I will mention about Zoe that totally describes her is the way she talks.  She is so anxious to tell us all about her days, she talks a thousands words a minute, she lights up and talks with lots of emotion and enthusiasm, and her favorite words to throw into her stories are “ps”, “technically”, “like”, and “guess what”.  She talks like such a little valley girl that I get distracted when listening to her and I can’t help but smile.  She is such a cutey and I am crazy about her!