Zucchini Morning Aug02


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Zucchini Morning


It is Zucchini season again and we have already been given a few zucchinis from our good neighbors.  Since Scotlands loves zucchini bread he decided that this would our FatherMoments activity.Flour

GraterUnlike some of my older children, Scott doesn’t seem to have a problem popping right out of bed with excitement to start our date.  Since our recipes requires that we bake the dough for 60 miunutes, we decided to get started right away in the kitchen before doing our little devotional.

When baking with my kids on our dates I like to let do most of the work.  Scott did a great job grating up the zucchini and getting everything mixed up.  We decided to grind up our own flour, which is always a little fun.  He is such a good kid and I love his pleasant and peaceful nature.

After getting everything made, we placMixered the fWiiour loaves in the oven and set the timer.

For our devotional we watched a little video on lds.org and then had a little discussion.  I am always impressed with how much gospel knowledge Scott has.  He has picked up a lot over the years.

To end our date we played a little Smash Brothers Brawl which led to some live wrestling!