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Zucchini Bread

Does anyone remember when Zoe and I planted some zucchini plants a while back?  Well, today was the day that we harvested the benefits our of our labor, by baking some delicious homemade zucchini bread!

Zoe’s favorite zucchini was, of course, the jumbo-sized one that we failed to pick on time.  Even though it might not be the best for baking, it sure made for a good picture; especially when Zoe decided to play it like a guitar.

Zoe was responsible for grating the zucchini, cracking the eggs, adding all the ingredients, and then manning the mixer.  For the most part, I was the “measurer” and grunt who brought everything to the head chef.  While we were making the zucchini bread we decided to quickly use up our ripe bananas and make some banana bread as well.  In the end, we had 3 large loaves and 5 small loaves of yummy bread.  Zoe thought that it would be a great idea to let each of her siblings bring a small loaf of bread to their school teacher.  The other kids were excited to do this.  Kissing up never faileth, and bread will get you more bang for your buck than an apple, any day!

While the bread was baking, Zoe and I slipped off to the store where she was able to pick out a $1 dollar treat that she earned yesterday.  Picking the perfect treat ended up taking a little longer than we had anticipated.  If you have ever been to Macey’s, and seen all of their options, then you would better understand.  Nonetheless, after changing her mind 4 times, and making several trips up the down the aisles in our firetruck cart, Zoe decided to go with the Kool Aid.  Coincidentally, this was the very first treat that I suggested to her.  This reminds me of what Alicia told me yesterday about how Zoe likes for everything to be her idea; even if she has to shoot something down suggested by another, and then re-introduce it as her own, later.

On the car rides to and from the supermarket we listened to some music and sang aloud.  “No Woman, No Cry”, by the Fugees was our warm up song, and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, was our grand finale.  The louder we sang, the better we sounded!

In the end, we enjoyed the delicious bread as a family for breakfast!