Zoe’s Cafe Jun06


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Zoe’s Cafe


Zoe had a fun idea to make a little restaurant and serve breakfast to the rest of the family!

ScripturesWe started with the usual devotional, and this time we simply red from the Book of Mormon. Our next step was to come up with some a decorative menu with some Menudelectable options. Recognizing that Zoe’s little restaurant was going to be limited on what it could actually provide, we decided to list everything we had, such as toast, water, eggs, etc.  We then brainstormed some yummy things that we could pick up at the store and we added these to the list as well.  The remaining menu options we had to go with items that no one would ever pick; so, we added things such as bloody band aids, poopy diapers, etc.

Zoe had a lot of fun making the menus, which is fun for me to see her creative excitement in action.

Once the menu was created we headed off to the storm to buy some donuts, cinnamon rolls, and some fresh fruit.

WatermelonWe came home, set the table, prepared the food and then Zoe went and Eatingwoke the rest of the family and took their orders.  It was no surprise that all of the kids chose donuts for breakfast.

Once we had everything prepared we invited everyone down for a fun and exciting breakfast!