Yoga X Aug23


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Yoga X

TogetherAspen and I woke up early for our date this morning without a plan of what do do.  After watching a little video about member missionary work we started brainstorming ideas.  Aspen had a great idea to finish the box that we intended to give No-Fairiesto Zoe a long time ago.  Lola and Aspen both got their boxes, but Zoe never did.  The only problem that prevented us from rolling with this idea was that the box was in Cooper’s room and he Cocoawas still sleeping.

I found a good idea on the internet, which was a craft project of making little fairies out of a wooden clothes pin and cotton balls.  As you can see from the picture, Aspen was not very thrilled about this idea.  Our last idea was to do some exercise.  We have done P90X in the past, and decided that this would be a great FatherMoment!  After looking through the different DVDs, we decided that Yoga X would be the best since Aspen was a ballet dancer and because she has done Yoga before.  I must admit that this was my first time ever doing Yoga.  I should throw in that Aspen insisted that we shouldn’t do anything until we had a nice cup of Mormon Jo to start our day right.  I Stretchthink this stems from the fact that we have cut out all desserts at home, which Downward-Dogmakes it so the kids crave anything sweet.

I must admit that Yoga is harder than it looks!  After 30 minutes I had broken a sweat and was feeling a little tired.  I had my fair share of “downward dogs”, “warrior 1’s and 2’s”, and “runners poses’ to last me the week.  I was also suprised at my inflexibility.  By the end of it, I was a little more on the “fan” side of Yoga.  I think it would be a healthy mix if I added it to my workout routine.  Something about Yoga just felt responsible.  Aspen, of course, was a champ.  Her mental willpower has always amazed me.  She stuck with the routine better than I did.  Of course, I justified a few breaks to take some pictures.

Although it was a simple morning, I really enjoyed spending a good hour doing Yoga with my baby girl.