Yahtzee Nov02


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When was the last time that you lost to a 4-year-old in Yahtzee?

BrownieScott Dog is a super cute kid and I had a ton of fun playing Yahtzee with him for our date.  This date was a little different because I made a last minute change with Zoe’s scheduled date.  I came home from school on Thursday night and discovered that Zoe was not going to be able to go on a date with me the next RollingDicemorning due to sickness.  Scotland happened to be awake, so I called an audible and decided to do Scott’s date that very night.  What made the date especially enjoyable was the fact that Alicia joined us!

We had some left-over brownies and decided that eating them would be the perfect way to start the date (even though it was 9:30 pm).  Scott was in an exceptionally good mood which made it so he was a chatter-box the whole time we indulged on the chocolate flavored, sweet fat.  He shared with me a few stories about how he was abused by Lola Jean during the day.  It is a truth that Scotland endures a lot of abuse being sandwiched between two fireball sisters.

Rolling2After the treat we taught Scott the rules and then let the dice roll.  As you can see from the pictures Scott got really into rolling the dice.  It was kinda funny because WithAliciaAlicia and I were quite tired and were trying to encourage a quicker pace of play.  Scott on the other hand felt it was necessary to shake the dice for a good 15 seconds each turn.  He also conjured up some luck by blowing on the dice, rubbing them on his lucky nipple, and shouting profanities as he tossed the cubes.  It was hard to sensor him for this obscene and inappropriate behavior, however, since he was really just mimicking his mother whose turn was before his own.

In the end it worked!  Scotland dominated the game and easily secured the victory.  Alicia took second place and I was the grand loser.  I wonder how I could make my nipple into a lucky one?