Writers Block Nov16


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Writers Block


Aspen and I have not made any progress on the story, Caliente & Frio, that we started last Decemeber, until this morning!

SnuggledI love how cute and thoughtful Aspen is!  I thought it was neat how she wanted to finish the story that we had started over a year ago, which made me eager and excited for our date.Markers

We started our date on our knees, and then had a good little gospel discussion that sprang up from our scripture study.  After this we spent a few minutes reading and reviewing our first efforts to write a book.  Last time we were slowed down with the process of adding illustrations as we went along.  We decided that our time would be better spent on the text, penning the exciting plot, and that Aspen Donutscould go back later, by herself, and add the pictures.

In the end we were able to kick out 6 more pages to the story!  The downside is thatBigDonut we were not able to finish.  I am hoping that Aspen wants to work on the book again, for our next date; otherwise I am worried that it will be another year before we finish our master piece.