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Work Games


Scotland and I started our date by watching jumping in the car and heading off to my work.  When we arrived we began our FatherMoment date watching a video about a retired professional football player whose wife was pregnant with triplets at one point.  I am writing this blog post a little late and cannot find the VideoURL for this particular video.Fridge

After our devotional, we went to the raided the mini fridges at my work and enjoyed some yogurt and fruit for breakfast.  This was a nice chance for me to sit and chat with Scott.  I am always impressed at his mild and good nature.  He is a fun little guy who is so pure and innocent.  I love him!

Once our bellies were full we played a little ping-pong.  Rather than focusing on hitting the ball back “to” me, Scott thought it was much funner to try and hit the ball back “at” me.  I would lightly serve the ball to him and he would hit it as hard as he could at my face.  Lucky for me, he doesn’t have the best control and aim just yet.  Nonetheless, I would act scared and Scott would burst into laughter.  He has such a fun loud laugh PingPongthat goes along with his big smile.  It was fun.Chewi

Our next activity was playing Street Fighter II on the arcade.  Usually I have to take it easy on Scott when we play games, but not today.  We actually beat me fair and square.  He is still too nice to gloat in his glory.  I will work on him.

To end the date we played Mario Kart on the Wii.  We were the blue team and we ended up coming back to win the red team in the final race.

It was a fun date!