Valentine’s Day Feb14


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Valentine’s Day

TogetherA FatherMoments date on the day of Love!  Started off the day with my loving daughter where we did some service for the rest of the family was the perfect start to my day!

Aspen came to be excited about her great idea to surprise the whole family with a Valentines’ Day breakfast.  I love that Aspen is a thoughtful girl that takes joy in doing nice things  for other people.StickersNametag

I had purchased a few supplies the night before, and Alicia had already purchased some decorations for the party that she was planning that night.  Aspen and I knocked out a little devotional and then got to work getting the place ready.  Aspen started by creating custom place holder name tags for each member in the family, while I started making the homemade pancakes from scratch.  Aspen then transitioned into putting up heart stickers all over the kitchen while I hung streamers across the ceiling.

TableIn addition to making red pancakes, we also made red buttermilk syrup, Kidsand red milk.  It was awesome and Aspen was extremely excited to wake the other kids up.  She placed the final touches on getting the table nicely decorated with heart plates and cups, while I started cooking up the pancakes.

The last and final step was for Aspen to go wake everyone up and shout, “Surprise”, when they walked into the kitchen.  It was a wonderful morning starting with so much love in our home.  Thanks for the great idea, Aspen!