Uno Aug12


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Scotland is pretty good with his numbers and colors these days.  This makes him a respectable Uno competitor!

We started our date by making a run to the local bakery where Scotland picked out a glazed doughnut.  What is wrong with the kid!?  At the bakery there are huge cinnamon rolls covered with a thick layer of icing; not to mention the big feet-shaped doughnuts with chocolate icing and white cream dots on the toes.  There is also a large selection of doughnuts with sprinkles and colorful swirls.  Nonetheless, of all the options, Scott chose to pick a simple glazed doughnut.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to relate to this upcoming generation!

After we had the goodies, we went to our chapel where we ate our doughnuts and chatted a bit.  Before we started our game of Uno we decided to read our scriptures.  Since we were at the church we decided to go to the library where we could find a copy of the Book of Mormon.  As we cut through the chapel, I got the idea of seeing if Scott wanted to practice bearing his testimony from the pulpit.  He was very excited about this idea and I ended up getting to hear my little man share some simple truths about what he has been taught.

Next we went to the library where we ended up using some large pictures to tell stories.  We discussed three pictures.  The first was of the last supper where Christ washed the feet of the apostles.  The second was a picture of Christ on the cross and how He prayed to the Father to forgive the people.  The last was a picture of Christ atoning for the sins of the world in the garden of Gethsemane.  I have mentioned this before, but I love these one-on-one settings with my kids where I can adapt the messages to perfectly match their levels of learning.  Also, it is very easy to keep them focused and attentive.

On our way back to my office to play Uno, Scotland decided that he wanted to bear his testimony two more times.  This ended up being my favorite part of the FatherMoment.

To end the date, we played three games of Uno at my desk.  Scotland beat me 2 out of 3 games.  It was a perfect start to my day!