U-swirl Aug03


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I have been to U-swirl for the last three FatherMoments!  When I started these weekly dates I decided that I would let the kids pick whatever activity they wanted to do (within reason).  However, I am tempted to start making some changes so that our dates include more activity and less treats.

I have been doing my “residency week” all week and actually had an appointment to go play some golf on Friday morning, so I made arrangements with Zoe to do our date on Thursday evening.  She was excited about being able to stay up late, as well as the extra options that she had since more stores are open at night.  She was tempted to go bowling, but could pass up the chance to get a tasty treat.

Zoe has officially been tagged as the “valley girl” in our family because of the way that she talks.  It is super fun for me to be one on one with her in a car because she talks a million miles a minute with so much enthusiasm.  She has so much to tell me and she uses a lot of sentences such as, “And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’, whatever!  Anyway….”  You would have to hear it to appreciate it.

At U-swirl I had a gift card for $10, which was fun for Zoe because we kept going back and adding more yogurt and additional toppings since our combined total was way below $10.  In the end we only ended up with $8.00 worth of yogurt, so we gave the gift card to the people behind us so that they could use the remaining balance.  Also, we ended up bringing home some uneaten yogurt to put in our freezer for the next day.

While we were are U-swirl Zoe was showing me all of her new tricks.  She has been into gymnastics lately and loves practicing her handstands and round-offs.  As you can see we got a good picture of her practicing her straddles.  It was a great little evening!