Two Moves Mar09


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Two Moves

All week Aspen had been telling me about how excited she was to make up a new dance.  Two weeks ago we had some music blasting as we cleaned our house and Aspen and I were both busting out some of our best moves.  Ever since then she has been excited for our upcoming FatherMoment where she wanted to choreograph a dance.  So, imagine my surprise, this morning, when after just two moves (1 minute) she told me that she “didn’t really want to dance anymore”!  She is definitely a stereotypical girl when in comes to being finicky!

Before we created the first two steps to our new dance we actually spent some time on the computer for a little morning devotional.  I have stated this before, but there is something about teaching the gospel to your children in a 1-on-1 setting early in the morning that is magical.  You have their undivided attention while they are in a calm and focused state.  It is wonderful!

I mentioned how, after the devotional, we spent about 1 minute making up some moves and then Aspen wanted to move on to something else.  I gave her about 10 options of things that I could think of, all of which she shot down.  It just so happens that Chase and Zoe were both up by this time and then came downstairs and joined Aspen and I.  Since I wanted Aspen all to myself, I suggested that we jump in the car and get out of the house and that we could decide what to do on the road.  There was a beautiful huge moon in the early morning sky that I tried to get Aspen excited about.  I wanted to get out and take some picture with Aspen pretending to hold or eat the moon.  She did not like this idea and we laughed as I persisted in getting her to agree.  In the end she won!  I am sure that she will win most of our “battles” in the future as well.

In the end we found ourselves at Walmart doing a little shopping, where we ended up buying Aspen a pair of new tennis shoes.  Shopping is not the most exciting thing to do for a date, but it always great being with her.  It was a simple enjoyable morning!