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Lola Jean is the cutest little girl!  Grandpa Gardner just fixed his hot tub in preparation for the cold weather that is on its way and Lola and I decided that we would take advantage of this hookup.

CocoaBefore sneaking out into the dark morning, Lola wanted a little chocolate milk bottle to start her day.  I happily made her some, adding a touch of love, and then we headed out to grandpa’s house.  I always break the rules in the morning and allow Lola to sit in the front passenger seat without a car seat.  I always say, “Don’t tell mom!”  On the drive we chatted about her favorite Swimsuitanimals, which are horses, cows, and dragons.  When it comes to dragons she is quite passionate and wildly imaginative.  Alicia and I love putting her to bed and night where she always requests a “dragon story”.  Always, she will cut us off and corrects us as we tell the stories.  This morning she told me all about her dragon which is all the colors except green.  She also gave me a basic warning to stay away from red dragons because they are grumpy and deadly.  The most interesting fact that I learned, was that some of the best breeding dragons come from the blue mountains.  I love her imagination!  Plus, something about factual statements about dragons coming off of a 3-year-old’s lips is adorable.  Lola is a unique little girl, for sure.  She won’t let me call her “princess”, Spoonand corrects me by saying that she is a “tomboy”.  I am have failed several times trying to explain that she can be both.

We snuck into grandpa’s back door that he left open for us.  My parents are always so nice and accommodating.  They left out robes, towels, hot cocoa, mugs, marshmallows, and even a nice little note.  Lola was excited about the marshmallows, especially.

We changed into our suits and soaked in the tub for a while.  Lola seemed to love it.  She chatted my ear off the whole time.  Taste

When we were done, we headed inside for our hot chocolate.  Lola is very independent and insisted on making her own cocoa.  I love watching her concentrate.  I should mention that Lola ate about 25 marshmallows, asking for permission before eating each one.  When we are on dates the answer is always, “Yes!”

MessageWhile we were sipping away, we decided that we would write a little Thank You note in response to the message that grandma and grandpa left us.  Of course, Lola thought this was fun, as you can see from her scribbles all over the white board.  When we were done, we had a nice drive home.  Lola was awake and filled with sugar at this point.  She wanted to drive home with the windows open since she was hot, and we wrestled most of the way home.