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Scotland received some cash for Christmas this year from his grandparents and it has been burning a hole in his pocket!  For our FatherMoments date he wanted to go buy a gun with his newly acquired money Featuresince he has been a little jealous of a gun that Chase purchased with his gift money.  Since I have been spending so much of my time over the last several weeks doing tithing settlement with the faithful members of my ward, I thought that having a little personal tithing settlement with Scotland would be a great Tithing-Settlementopportunity to teach him about God’s law of tithing.

We got dressed in our warm clothes and headed over to our church building.  I showed Scott where to pick up the donation slips and envelopes, and then we went into my office.  I treated the interview like an official tithing settlement, so we started with a word of prayer.  We then read from the book of Malachi 3:10 and I used a few simple examples to help him understand the principles.  It was nice to be able to bear him my testimony of the blessings that come from being obedient to God’s commandments, and specifically the key commandment of tithng which requires a lot of faith.  After the lesson, I helped him fill out his donation slip.  I think it was meaningful because Scott asked, “But if I pay my tithing, will I have enough money to buy a gun?”.  I am glad that he understood that he was making a sacrifice, which allowed me to teach about how sacrifices bring forth the blessings of heaven, and Tithing-Setlement-2how life can be simple and joyous if we seek first the kingdom of God.

We closed our tithing settlement with a another prayer and then headed over to Target where Scott was planning on buying the same gun that Chase had Gunpurchased.  Well, guess what?  God surely opened a window in heaven and poured out a blessing upon Scott, because there was a gun that was 3 times as cool that was on clearance (50% off)!  Scott’s gun had more rounds and shot darts that glowed brightly in the dark.  To put it in perspective of just how cool the gun was.  When Scott and I returned home and showed his siblings, every single one of them ended up using their money to buy the same gun and we have spent a few crazy nights as a family racing around a dark house shooting each other ever since.  It has been fun!