Tink Nails Oct28


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Tink Nails

The famous fairy is getting ready for the Halloween party tonight!  Zoe is extremely excited about the trunk-or-treat being held tonight in our neighborhood, and really wanted me to paint her nails in preparation for the event.  She is going to be Tinker Bell!

We started our date on our knees and then read a few stories from the Friend.  One was about “Mandy” who was a little confused as to why we should even try to be like Jesus since it is impossible (Don’t worry, her dad explained it).  The other was about a boy name, “Ryan, who invited his friend Jacob to come to church.  He became a little sad when his second invitation was rejected, but once again, the dad jumped in and helped by explaining free agency.

After our devotional we headed to the store to by some green fingernail polish that would match her dress.  On the way there we talked a little bit about one of her classmates, Mandy, who Zoe threw down with a few days back.  Apparently, things are worked out now.  Zoe approached the little hood rat and offered to be her friend if she would be nice.  Mandy counter-offered with a proposal to be nice, if Zoe would throw in a snack.  So, Zoe gave her the grease payment and, now, they are good friends.  This whole event gives me a better understanding of how God works in mysterious ways.  On the evening after the fight, we prayed that Mandy and Zoe would be able to successfully smoke the peace pipe.  The resolution was a little different than they way that I envisioned it, but the conflict is solved, nonetheless.

At the store Zoe talked me into throwing in some lip gloss on top of the polish and I just couldn’t say, “No”.  All my little girls have me wrapped around their fingers.  I am not sure what it is.  If Chase or Scotland would have asked me for an additional treat I would have easily taught them a lesson on gratitude by buying them nothing.  Oh, I should mention that she also talked me into buying some orange rolls.  My girls have been taught well by their momma!

At home we simply threw the orange rolls into the oven and then painted her nails while they baked.  We decided to go with two coats on her nails so that they would be darker.  They turned out great!