The Tower Apr22


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The Tower

He leaps tall buildings in a single bound!  He is a strong as on ox!  He’s Scott-Dog (also known as Scooter)!

We had to change our plans to go swimming, last minute, because I have some type of allergic reaction messing with my skin, right now, and I didn’t think that the chlorine would help.  Instead, we decided to build a huge tower constructed with Mega Blocks, and then jump over it.  It was a  lot of fun!  I am always surprised at how the simple things I do with my children seem to be the best.  For example, Alicia and I have realized that our children have a lot more fun staying at a local hotel than they have at Disneyland.

Anyway, Scott and I had a wonderful morning!  We started with a prayer, and then looked through some pictures of Christ that pertain to Easter.  Scott is very attentive and eager to listen early in the morning when we are alone.  This is a pretty significant contrast to our normal “battle” of trying to persuade him to sit still and listen to a lesson in a family setting.  I definitely cherish our early morning FatherMoments.

The next event was to go to the store and buy donuts.  It is really cute to watch him make a choice about whether to get a doughnut just for himself, or for all his siblings.  On this occasion he chose to take care of everyone.  When we returned home he was eager to surprise everyone and share his treats.

After breakfast construction started!  Scott allowed me to help a little bit, but he seems to prefer to work alone.  He is very meticulous in the way he builds.  I am intrigued at the patterns that he follows.  If I added a piece that was a different size or shape than what we was planning, he immediately removes it.  I wonder what is going on inside of his brain.

In the end we concluded our morning with Scott flying over the tower several times.  It was really fun, and he was really proud of himself.  Oh, and of course, there was some pretty intense demolition that occurred to complete the morning!