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Chase is a natural tennis player!  As Chase gets older it is getting quite fun to play sports with him.  We started our FatherMoment with the regular routine and then went to the tennis courts in our neighborhood.  We had given Chase his own racket last year on his birthday, but we haven’t provided much opportunity for him to use it.  It felt great to get out and hit around.  We didn’t worry about playing by the rules or keeping score, but just messed around.  We counted  how many times we were able to hit the ball back and forth before one of us messed up.  Our record was 16 times.  Nothing too impressive, but it is a good starting point.  I am sure that we will beat it the next time that we go and play.  I hope that Chase continues to enjoy playing tennis, and other sports, with his old man.  I love it!  I even did a pretty good job of just having fun rather than stopping to give pointers and coach him.  I have a tendency to be a little annoying that way!