Tennis B-Day Jun21


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Tennis B-Day


Zoe-and-PresentsI think that tennis is going to be the perfect sport for my little Zoe.  First, I was amazed at how good she was on her first time ever playing the sport.  I have written this before, but her hand-eye coordination is impressive, and she is a natural at positioning herself and swinging a racquet.  Second, she loves the cute outfits that go along with the sport 😉  I should probably mention that Aspen was very jealous of her new outfit.Swing

Next weekend is Zoe’s birthday, but we celebrated it today since I will not be around next weekend.  The good news is that next weekend I have my very last classes for my MBA program and will officially be done!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have that edge taken off of my crazy life.

Anyway, I woke Zoe up early and surprised her with a tennis birthday package that Alicia had on display.  She was really excited to see the stuff. After putting on her new clothes we enjoyed some fresh PopTarts (if there is such a thing).  Scotland was awake early this morning and joined us.

ForehandAfter breakfast we had a quick devotional and watched the church’s Father’s Day video.  We liked the part in the video about how dads make-up stories with princess Backhandalways named after their daughters.  I totally do this.

The next part of our date was hitting the courts in our neighborhood.  Like I mentioned before Zoe is amazing and we had a lot of fun. Our best volley was towards the end when we went back and forth 9 times.  Not bad for my little tennis prodigy.