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A few weeks ago my kids were talking about their favorite FatherMoments.  Chase mentioned that one of his favorite was the time that we went to to a restaurant and bought some walnut shrimp.  Remembering this made me suggest that we do our date on Thursday night so that we could go and get this delicious dish.

KitchenWe happen to be out as a family at Cold Stone using a gift card that was sent to me by One on One Marketing as a “Welcome Back” gift.  They contacted me and made me an offer to go back and work for them that I accepted.  I was surprised when we came home last Saturday to a bouquet of flowers addressed to a Alicia with a “Thank you” card.  They are a classy group and I am excited to go back.

Anyway, our date wasn’t as traditional.  We simply snuck off after getting home from our ice cream splurge, and after putting Cooper down to bed.  On the way over Chase and I talked some extra curricular changes that we have been making.  Alicia and I made the decision a while back to pull the plug on all extra curricular since it was taking away Walnut-Shrimpfrom other things that we felt were more important.  Chase is in competitive soccer and loves it and he has been sad about quitting soccer.  Our specific issues are how there is always a threat to our Family Home Evenings, which has caused us to opt out of many practices.  It also conflicts with our church’s youth night.  Anyway, Chase and I agreed that he can continue to do soccer, and that Alicia and I are fans and supporters of it, if we agreed that we would never do any extra curricular on Monday night, and that church activities, such as scouting, will always take priority to the extra curricular.  Chase wholeheartedly agreed.  It was nice because I really want him to be sold on these decisions.  I want him to recognize and chose that things in his life that will be best.

JadeWe also talked about his school.  I was impressed with a story that he told me about a boy who doesn’t have very many friends because he is a “little annoying”.  Chase told me how he makes a point to be nice to this kid and how this kid invited Chase to a birthday party this weekend.  The party conflicts with our ward’s Halloween Party, but Chase is still conflicted because he doesn’t want to hurt this kids feelings since there weren’t very many kids invited and Chase thinks the other kids might not go.  I am not sure if I fully understand the situation, but I got the impression that Chase is trying to look out for the underdog, and this warms my heart as a dad.  I definitely look back on my life and wish that I would have went out of my way to love and include kids that I could of made a difference in their life.

I took Chase to a newer little restaurant by Costco in Lehi named, TemptAsian.  My brother Rick introduced it to me last priesthood session and I thought it was very good.  The owner of the store, Jade, came and talked with us.  We ended up getting to know her quite well.  She is from Hong Kong and had polio as a child.  She is a member of the church and their restaurant is currently losing money.  Chase and I told her that we would do our best to spread the word.  When we got home Chase sent an email to everyone in his school recommending that they try the restaurant.  So, if anyone happens to read this post and you want some great Chinese food, I recommend that you give TemptAsian a try.