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Today was one of my best date ever with Chase!  Now that Chase is 12 years old he can hold a limited use temple recommend and we were able to go to the temple and perform baptisms for the dead.

We accidentally slept in a little bit and got a late start to our date.  Nonetheless, we just made the decision to not postpone our date and to just let Chase be a little bit late to school.

ToastBefore we could get Chase into the temple he had to go over to the church first so that I could interview Chase and give him a recommend.  This was a special experience for me to be able to ask Chase about his faithfulness and obedience in keeping the commandments of God.  It was good to hear that he is going great and has a big heart.  When we talked about God’s law of chastity, Chase told me that he doesn’t like the music he hears in his Aunt’s car when she picks him up from school.  It is Eminem and he made a comment that even though most of the swear words are edited, he still gets these words in his head because he knows what they are.  He also mentioned that a lot of the lyrics are crude and the paint images in his mind that are inappropriate that he struggles with.  It helped me to realize just how sweet and impressionable our youth are.Standing

After the temple recommend interview, we just headed over to the temple.  Chase asked a lot of questions along the way and I could tell that he was a little anxious about the unknown.  It was great being able to talk to him about the sacred nature of the temple and some of the symbolism that is found there.  We talked about the 12 oxen beneath the font, which led into a conversation about the 12 tribes of Israel and specifically the tribe of Joseph and his mission to save the family.

LatThe actual temple experience was great. I was able to baptize and confirm chase on behalf of those who had past on never having this opportunity to make covenants and receive priesthood ordinances while on the earth.  Chase was glowing when we left.  The bad news is that I left the camera in my car and didn’t get any pictures while at the temple.

Before taking him to school we stopped by Kneaders and got some French toast.  Chase loved it and it gave us more time to talk.

Chase was a little excited about being able to go to school late as you can see from the picture.  I hope that Chase chooses to go back to the temple often!  It would be cool if we did that for the majority of our dates moving forward.