Tapioca Flour Feb07


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Tapioca Flour


On Wednesday our great Brazilian hometeacher, Michael Souza, dropped by some “pao de queijo” for Aspen, who was sick.  Ever since then Chase has been wanting to make it.  It is one of his favorite foods from Brazil.  Feature

FlourWe started with a scripture study, reading in the D&C 131 and D&C 132 about eternal marriage.  We had a nice little discussion about the difference between immortality and eternal life.  I am always impressed by Chase’s comprehension and understanding of gospel doctrine.

Next we jumped in the car and headed to the local grocery store in search of Tapioca Flour.  We ended up looking for about 10 minutes on several aisles before giving in and asking an employee to help us.  The employee was able to help us recognize that we were looking in the right place, but that the Tapioca Flour was gone.

I suggested to Chase that we just purchase something else that we could go home and make.  Instead, we asked that we drive to a neighboring city in search of our quest.  So, we hopped back in the car and headed over to the Macey’s in Pleasant Grove.  The layout at this store is much different and we ended up looking down several aisles before finally finding the specialty flour that we needed.  Chase was excited that we had found it.Baking

MaceysI should mention that the extra driving around provided a great time for Chase and I to talk.  Chase will be turning 12 in three days so I decided to talk with him about some of the temptations and challenges that I foresee he will encounter.  Chase talks openly with Alicia and I and he mentioned some things in his life that he thinks are currently weaknesses and he is working on.

Anyway, once we arrive back at our home we didn’t have much time.  We worked fast and were able to make up the pao de queijo from scratch.  The last time we made it we used a mix; so, we were both were excited to try this recipe.  In the end they turned out great and Chase was thrilled to be able to take the extras to school to share with his friends.