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When is the last time that you went to the park and played on the swings?  Aspen and I started our date by trying out a new bakery called, “Shirley’s”.  We purchased a pack of orange rolls, and cinnamon rolls.  Our original plan was to go the library, pick out a few books, and read them.  However, the library was closed which forced us to change our plans.  We decided to go to a nearby park, eat our sweet rolls, and then play on the swings.  This turned out to be extremely fun!  Aspen wanted to show me a trick that two people can do on the swing called, “Spider”.  It was a beautiful morning and we laughed a lot on our date.  Aspen was in a fun mood, and as you can see from most of the pictures, she was pulling a lot of funny faces.  It was a great morning!