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Surprise Breakfast

TogetherIs there anything better than waking up to a clean house and a nice breakfast?  Zoe doesn’t think so. For our date she had the super cute idea to clean up the house and then surprise everyone with donuts for breakfast. No-DonutsDone and done!

We started our date with the traditional devotional.  We watched one of the “I’m a Mormon” videos about a woman named Kristy from New York City.  Zoe had some Gemsinteresting questions afterwards about divorce and adoption. Since traditional family life is all she has ever know or seen, these concepts were a little foreign to her, and I think it was healthy to discuss them. In the video Kristy mentioned that coming from a divorced home caused her to go into her marriage thinking that divorce is just what you do when things get hard.  However, she later learned that marriage and family are worth fighting for.  I am lucky and grateful that my marriage has never been difficult!

After our discussion we realized that the house was already super clean (thanks Alicia!), so we just jumped into the car and headed to the store to buy some donuts.  Zoe was really excited to surprise everyone.  On the drive there she talked to me about everyone’s favorite donut type.  She was proud that she knew this.  She also expressed her current internal battle between her love of chocolate and maple donuts.  She is definitely experiencing some psychological conflict as to where her donut flavor loyalties should lie.

Cinnamon-RollsWhen we arrived at the store she was a little bothered that the donuts were not ready, yet.  That is definitely one disadvantage of doing dates at 5:00 AM!  We had to Streudelsimprovise and search the store for the second best option.  Of course, we could always go with some Donettes, but before going with this easy second choice, we decided to dig a little deeper.  Our next stop was the pull-a-part cinnamon rolls that have been so good to us over the years.  However, being led by the unseen hand of providence we didn’t settle on this second option and kept on pursuing the perfect breakfast.  This was when we stumbled upon an incredible surprise, Toaster Strudels!  We knew that we had been led and guided to these frozen treasures and that they were predestined to be the main course for our surprise breakfast because they were on sale!  We selected two boxes and headed for the check-out.  In route Zoe was prompted to pick up a bag of Donettes that we could serve up as appetizers.  This seemed logical and inspired so we exercised out faith and acted on this prompting.

The rest is pretty much history.  We arrived at home, slaved away to prepare this delicious feast, invited our loved ones to come and partake, and enjoyed the blessings that come from being an instrument in the Lord’s hand. Life is great!