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When I started the game I planned on taking it easy on Chase, feeling like my intellectual ability to play a strategy game was superior to his.  However, I came to realize that I had underestimated my opponent!

I was excited when Chase told me that he wanted to play Stratego for our FatherMoment date.  This was one of my favorite games to play as a child even though I always struggled to find someone to play it with me.  My friends were known more for their athletic abilities than they were for their brain power, and my older brother Rick was… well, lets just say he has come a long ways!

We started by reading some scriptures.  I read over the story when Alma the Younger was visited by an angel and went into a coma for three days.  I shared some insight that I had recently had when I read the words that Alma proclaimed when he finally came to saying, “I have repented”.  This was interesting to me since he went from being extremely wicked to being in a coma, with no time or opportunity to take any type of action, yet he proclaimed that he had repented.  It goes to show that repentance has a lot more of having a change of heart than it does having to do with paying off debts for wrong actions.

After scriptures we made up some lemon muffins that Chase really enjoys.  While the muffins were baking we set up the game board and started attacking each other in search of one another’s flags.  You will see from the picture how I chose to guard my flag.  You will see in the other picture how Chase is holding a finger gun to my flag symbolizing how he killed me in our friendly game.  I can’t wait for the rematch!

After the game, the muffins served their purpose as comfort food.  I was proud of Chase’s victory, but a little disappointed that he didn’t gloat or talk more trash than he did.  Winning in style is a Gardner male characteristic that makes us fun on and off the field.  I hope that Chase’s Thompson side of “everyone is a winner” doesn’t dominate his personality!