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Spy Glasses


I just had the most enjoyable morning with my baby girl, Lola Jean!

FriendI woke her up with some  back rubs and a big hug and then carried her downstairs where we read an article Suppliesfrom The Friend for our morning devotional.  It was cute because she really liked the stories and kept asking that we read another.  In the end we read three stories before breaking off to go and work on our craft project.

Last night, when I was putting Lola to bed, we were brainstorming ideas of what to do for our FatherMoment date.  There happen to be two tubes from empty toilet paper rolls on the ground in my bathroom and I suggested that we make some “Spy Glasses” (they were really binoculars).  She looked at me like I had just suggested the dumbest idea in the world while she processed the thought, and then stated with no emotion, “That’s a great idea”.  I love the way Lola talks!

TubesAnyway, we got out all of our arts and crafts supplies and headed over to our kitchen table.  Lola ending up really enjoying painting.  We went through 4 different colors that she painted on the tubes that we had glued together.  Zoe allowed us to use some of her colorful duct tGlassesape which made our binoculars a little more secure.  We finished up the one roll of tape and ended up gluing the empty roll to the top of our craft.

We added some sparkly pipe cleaners (I think that is what they are called) and the letters, “S P Y” on the side to complete our craft.  Lola loved them and ended up playing with them all morning.

To ended the date we slipped off to the grocery store and Lola picked up a doughnut.  We had a nice little chat on the way there and back.

It was a great morning!