Spear Fishing Jun17


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Spear Fishing

Watch out fish!  Scotland is armed and angry!  So, if you have been following my FatherMoments with Scott then you are aware of my intentions to give him a shot of manhood.  With that stated, building a homemade spear out of household items like MacGyver, silently stalking resting fish like Ninjas, and then killing them with hand-to-hand combat like Gladiators seemed to be the perfect activity.

As I mentioned, the first task was constructing a spear.  You can see from the picture that we had to get a little creative.  First we sawed off the blade to a knife.  Second, we sawed a little notch in the end of a broomstick.  Last, we inserted the blade into the notch and then tied a little lashing to hold the blade tightly.

Once we had a worthy weapon, we journeyed on foot to a nearby creek.  I taught Scotland how to creep, pounce, and lunge.  He was, of course, a natural which brought tears of joy to my eyes.  In the end, Scotland was only given one opportunity to lance his spear at a potential victim.  Unfortunately, his William Wallace war cry, that he ferociously belted out before lancing, alerted the fish to flee before the sharp blade pierced it’s heart.  Although we were left with no trophy, it was a great experience that will add to Scott’s bank of wisdom.

To end the expedition Scott instinctively whipped out his manhood and marked his territory!  Please note that he is not wearing his sister’s panties.  Progress is being made!