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Aspen was super excited for her and I to go “play church” again for today’s date.  It is crazy how fast time flies.  I was looking at Aspen’s picture from the last time that we went over to the church and I am so surprised at how young she looks!

McDonaldsI love it when my kids have their own ideas about what they want to do for our FatherMoment dates because I interpret it to mean that they are excited.  Aspen gave Notebookme the assignment to prepare a lesson for our date from the Faith in God for Girls program.  I decided to focus on the “Basic Requirements” outlined in the beginning which focuses on the small and simple things that make a big different in someone’s life.

We started our date by quickly running over to McDonalds and getting Aspen some of their mini cinnamon rolls, that are probably called “McCinnaNuggets” or something marketable.

When we got to the church, we first took some time to set up some chairs and prepare the primary room and classroom for our date.  Aspen was responsible for sharing time where she acted the role of the primary president.  I played the roll of “Matt” the little primary boy who is a little disruptive at times.  We went to the library and got chalk, visual aids, and everything else that we would need.

SharingTimeWe pretended that there were 4 other children in the class and we decided to give them names that started with A, B, C, and D as a pneumatic way of remembering.  So, we Pianohad Ashley, Brandon, Cora, and David.  Aspen originally suggested the name of “Daxton” since this is a name that Alicia is considering for our upcoming child who will be born in June.  I don’t prefer this name and used this as an opportunity to persuade Aspen to not like the name as well.  When I interacted with Daxton, I said, “I am sorry that your parents didn’t love you enough to give you a good name!”  She thought this was a little too mean-spirited so we changed with name to David.

As Aspen was acting the role of primary president I quickly realized that she was being very serious.  I was in a playful mood and was trying to be funny, but Aspen had prepared a real agenda for sharing time with a well prepared lesson.  Also, we was able to be the pianist and play the hymn that she had been working on.  I was super impressed by her.

After sharing time we swapped roles where I became the teacher and Aspen became a class member.  As I mentioned above I taught about the “Basics of Faith in God” which we were able to create easily memorize by using Musicthe phrase “Special People Can Constantly Pay Tithing” which would remind us of the letters, “SPCCPT” witch stands for…

  • S – Scriptures; read your scriptures regularly
  • P – Prayer; pray daily
  • C – Church; attend church and keep the Sabbath day holy
  • C – Commandments; keep the commandments
  • P – Parents; honor parents and be obedient
  • T – Tithing; pay a full tithe

Aspen ended up teaching this to the whole family for our next family home evening.

I am grateful to have such a great good-natured daughter.