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I returned home late on Thursday from church meetings and was starving and craving some junk food.  I used this as an excuse to suggest to Aspen that we do our date that night rather than wait until the next morning.  She was eager to Closedaccepted this proposal.  We hopped in the car and headed our to get ourselves a little food and late night treat!Order

The first place that we stopped by was Culvers, which caught our eye as we passed it.  We thought that it would be great to get a nice thick shake.  However, we were extremely disappointed when we stepped up to the door right was they had locked it.  They had just closed shop and we were just late!

I got a few other suggestions from Aspen as to where she wanted to go next, but one place after another was closed.

This led us to Sonic, which was the only place that we could find that was still open and accepted to Aspen.  I don’t know if Aspen had ever been to Sonic since it is not a place on our list of regular restaurants.

She thought it was fun that she was able to order her own food from their little menu thing (not sure what you call it).  In the end we Featurehad a wonderful evening sitting outside enjoying some refreshments.  I am writing this blog post about 1 month after it actually occurred, so I am not remembering the details.  I am sure itDone was wonderful!