Soccer Maniac May20


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Soccer Maniac

Watch out Chase!  Scotland is training to take you down!  For those of you who don’t know, Chase is our little soccer star.  However, this morning Scotland started his training, which went very well.  I see a lot of potential in Scotland and predict that he is going to be quite good.  The first thing that I should write is that it feels so good to do anything “manly” with Scott.  Now that I am working from home I have been exposed to Scotland’s daily routine set by his mom and sisters.  I also have been made aware of his social network which consists of his three sisters and their five female friends.  No wonder we have so many pictures of Scotland wearing bikinis and miniskirts, covered in makeup!  Last Sunday I helped him use the bathroom at church and noticed that we was wearing little mermaid panties!  Needless to say, I have been making some additional efforts to punch him, kick him, and teach him to do things like burp, fart, and spit. Tonight, I plan on taking him outside to pee on a tree before bedtime.  His man-meter is going to shoot way up over the next few weeks!

Anyway, our FatherMoment was quite simple.  We kicked some soccer balls around, ran a few drills, and wrestled a bit.  Later, we went to the store to get him a treat.  He is a fun little guy to be with.  I love the way he thinks and talks!  He has the cutest little voice with “adult” sentences always creeping out of his huge mouth.  I love the kid!