Snow Globe Mar15


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Snow Globe


TogetherTo celebrate the official end of winter, Zoe and I created an amazing homemade, ski Barbie, snow globe!  I am not sure where she learned this, but making snow globes was Zoe’s idea.

EquipmentI had stopped by the store the night before to get the supplies that we needed.  I was thrilled when I found a miniature Ski Barbie that would be perfect for the snow.  Eyes

Anyway, we started our date on our knees and then had a little morning devotional.  We then went to the kitchen where we started the creative process.  I had some gardening supplies that came in handy.  To make our tree we used a spool of this twisty-tie stuff that was intended to be used in the garden to tie plant branches onto things.  I think our tree turned out great.  For the base we simply made a mound of hot glue and then put colorful beads on it.  We repeated this process a few times to build up a little hill.  I had some plant stakes that we cut and glued together to make a little “North Pole” sign that we both thought would add a nice touch.

BarbieAfter everything was glued in place we added baby oil to the jar and then a bunch of white glitter with a touch of silver glitter.  It turned out really nice.  I think we added a little too much glitter, which made things look a little cloudy when it was shaken Finishedup, but it all settles just fine.

I tried my hardest to make it so that there would not be any air bubbles in the globe, but in the end there was still a little bubble (which drives me nuts!).

The date was perfect and Zoe was proud of her globe.