Smash Bros Jan25


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Smash Bros


Little Scott Dogg wanted to go swimming this morning, but the Lehi Legacy center doesn’t open its doors until 6:00 AM.  So, we had to go with his second choice for an activity which was playing Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii.  The good news Prayingis that we are going to be going to the pool tonight as a family, so Scotland will still have his chance to get wet.Tounge

My little man woke up with tired eyes and a big smile on his face.   He had been really excited about our date.  We started with a little lesson about prayer.  Scott is still young enough that he rarely thinks to pray on his own in the morning and at night.  After our little Gamelesson I snapped a quick picture of him while he was on his knees praying.  I hope that prayer will become an important part of his life.Controllers

The rest of our date was not too eventful.  We did pass three levels of Smash Brothers, which was quite impressive even if I do say so myself.  In between stages we would high-five one another and wrestle a bit as a way of celebrating our victories.