Shiki Nails Apr06


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Shiki Nails

Shiki Nails are the wave of the future!  Alicia loves them since the designs are super cute and because they last so long.  We were under the impression that you could buy a generic brand of Shiki Nails at Walmart and then apply them at home.  It turns out that we were wrong, but I was able to pick up a lot of stuff to give Aspen and awesome pedicure and manicure.

Since Alicia and I were going to be leaving to Vegas for nine days on Friday morning, I ended up leaving my Thursday class early to go and take Aspen on her date.  We took advantage of having the stores open and stopped by U-Swirl for some yogurt.  Aspen is currently in a competition with Alicia where she is only allowed 1 sweet each week.  So, my cute little girl had to pick from the 3 flavors that didn’t have any sugar added, and then top it with nuts and fruit.  I think this was especially hard since I loaded my yogurt with Heath candy bar and two cookies!  Alicia and I are so impressed with Aspen’s willpower.  She has been doing this challenge for nearly 3 months and she has not given into temptation once.  Keep in mind that every school lunch comes with a treat. Also, we have had so much junk around our house because of an early Easter party, and because we had friends in town.  Aspen is a rock!

As we were walking out of U-Swirl we noticed the full-moon in the sky.  Aspen asked if I wanted to take her picture as she pretends to hold the moon.  I was excited to do this since I tried to get her to do this on our last date with the sun.  When I asked her why she was willing to do it with the moon, but not with the sun, she told me that she was just humoring me since she knew I liked stuff like this.  She is funny!

While we driving back from U-Swirl, I asked Aspen a trivia question… How many kinds of animals live on the moon?  Her answer: 1,000

This intrigued me; so, my next questions was… How many humans live on the moon?  Her answer: 10,000

I couldn’t help but laugh, and then I teased her a bit by saying, “What are they teaching you in school?”  I also told her that I was going to have to record this on our FatherMoments site.  She was a little embarrassed, but in the end she agreed.

When we got home, I had her soak her feet in some warm water while I washed her feet with a “foot scrub”.  After the scrub we applied some “foot balm”.  Next was the actual painting of the nails, where we applied two coats of sparkly pink, some nail stickers, and then a clear top coat.  They turned out good enough that Alicia requested that I do the same for her nails while we are on our getaway.

Thanks for the date Aspen!