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Scripture Chart


On Aspen’s eighth birthday we gave her a cheap Book of Mormon and encouraged her to read the entire thing, crossing off every verse and page as she completed it.  Like we did with Chase, and plan to do with all of our children, Alicia and I Readingwill take Aspen on a trip to Disneyland once she has completed the book.  Well, Aspen is currently 215 pages into the book and has just over 300 pages to go.  So, for our date this morning we Timethought it would be a good idea to create a chart that would be customized to what she needs to do to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.

For our devotional I had Aspen read 1 page of the Book of Mormon while I timed her.  It took her 4 minutes and 52 seconds, which we rounded up to 5 minutes.  We then opened up a spreadsheet and calculated the number of pages she would need to read each day in order to finish by the end of the year.  After putting more thought into her plan we thought that it would be more realistic if she read a little less on the weekdays and a little more on the weekends.  Our final plan has her reading 3 pages each weekday, 5 pages on Saturday, and 6 pages on Sunday.  Since it takes her about 5 minutes per page this will require 15 minutes on weekdays, 24 minutes on Saturday, and 30 minutes on Sunday.

ComputerShe only has about 12 weeks remaining in the year so we had to be a little aggressive with her plan.  Chart

I should mention that one of the things that is motivating Aspen to get going on this is the fact that she has a new friend, Afton Cordener, who is the same age as Aspen, and who is currently receiving the missionary discussions in preparation for baptism.  Aspen and I have been privileged to join each of the discussions.  Aspen and Afton have each committed to read from the scriptures on a daily basis.  We wanted to make a little scripture chart for Afton, but ran out of time.  We plan to bring her something in the future.

I will admit that this wasn’t our most exciting date since we sat in front of a computer the whole time making calculations and then designing the chart, but I am thrilled about what will result from this FatherMoment.  I finalized the design and then had it printed on nice paper at FedEX.  It turned out nice, except the name, “Moroni” in the key didn’t upload and pint correctly.  Oh well!