Rope Repair Oct26


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Rope Repair

Guess who can still do criss-cross and double-dutch?  That’s right…. I still got it!

Our morning devotional was quite simple.  We watched the churches most recent video about when Christ declared himself as the light of the world.  I have not been a big fan of this video series.  I don’t love the way they act, and I think the guy playing the role of Christ talks funny.  Its too bad because It looks like this is a major project.

Anyway, after the devotional we started our date painting two boxes that we plan on decorating for our next date.  Zoe is going to make boxes, similar to the ones that Aspen and I made on our last date, to be used as Christmas gifts for Lola and Aspen.  It was a little too hard for Zoe to push down the nozzle on the spray paint, so I ended up just quickly doing this.

Next, we gathered the pieces to her jump rope that broke a few weeks back.  The handle busted off after a little tug-a-war with the rope.  The first step in fixing it was to cauterize the end of the rope.  Zoe enjoyed playing with fire!  The next step was to restring a few beads that had fallen off.  From here it was as simple as slipping on the handle, tying a knot, and putting on a cap.  It was an easy repair, which made it so that we could go out into the garage and jump around afterwards.  Zoe has a little book filled with rhymes and poems that are made specifically for jumping rope.  She enjoyed showing off for me by jumping while singing these songs.  She is getting pretty good!

At the end of the date Aspen came out to see what we were doing and ended up joining us for a few pictures.  I just love their faces in the picture above!  I am sure that one day they will hate that I used this picture.