Roots Rumble Mar14


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Roots Rumble

TogetherOur ward is competing in a “Roots Rumble” with the other wards in our stake, which is a competition to see which youth groups can do the most indexingAsleepChase loves to win competitions, so he was excited for us to use our FatherMoment to get a head start to this competition.Computer

I could tell that Chase was a little extra tired this morning since he asked if he could just lay in his bed for an extra 5 minutes before waking up.  This makes me imagine that as Chase becomes a teenager he may started choosing “sleep” as our FatherMoment activities.  Even after he made it downstairs he was still having some trouble keeping his eyes open.

Since indexing is of a spiritual natural we skipped our devotional and jumped right into the work after praying.  We made sure our prayer included a request to help Chase read the cursive handwriting since this is something he hasn’t had a lot of experience with.

CocoaChase was a little cold this morning, so I made him some hot cocoa after I got him set up and going on the Homeworkindexing.  We were out of milk chocolate so we mixed up a special blend of white chocolate and mint.  About halfway through the indexing Chase stopped to get some food.  He had a nice bagel that we received from our good friends Jack and Patricia Buckley who bring us their left over bagels from their Sunday service at their church.

At the end of our date Chase asked if I could help him with his math homework. Turns out it is due today and Chase didn’t work on it last night. I actually love math and it always feels great to sit down with one of my children and help them with their studies.  Chase is very good at math which makes it really easy to teach him.

Anyway, nothing too exciting for our date, but it felt great to be involved in some important and meaningful activities with my oldest son.