Rollie Pollies May04


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Rollie Pollies


Aspen was so excited about her date this morning that she was the one that snuck into my room and woke me up at 4:58!  She had set her own alarm to make sure that we got up on time.  It was fun to see how anxious she was to start our date.  We had been brainstorming ideas for her date all week and had decided just yesterday that we were going to make a cage for her to put rollie pollies (pill bugs) in.   Every morning while waiting for her school bus she searches for rollie pollies and then puts them in her backpack.  Apparently, her backpack is filled with these dead bugs!  Anyway, we agreed that it would be better if she had a nice “home” to put them in.

After waking we decided to start our date by heading over to the church for our devotional/lesson.  This proved to be an inspired decision because guess what we found right in front of the church’s door?  A rollie pollie!  Anyway, Aspen will be turning 8 next month, so we decided to do a lesson on baptism.  I have a stack of pictures in my office that pertain to baptism in one way or another.  We were reviewing those when Aspen decided that it would be funner if we played hang-devil (like hangman, but with Satan instead).

After strangulating the fallen son of the morning we headed to Walmart where we picked up a bug cage and a plant (some ivy).  Along the way Aspen was a little chatterbox who told me all about how she has been “playing basketball with Jackson and Milo”, and how “Jake, Stockton, and Tanner like to chase [her], Brawnwin, and Jennifer”.  I love hearing all about her exciting 2nd grade life!

When we arrived at home we simply planted the ivy inside the cage (after thinning it a bit), added some rocks and a stick, and… Presto!  The habitat was completed!

Aspen can’t wait to go to the bus stop to catch some pets!