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Technically, I lost our last paper airplane contest, so I was thrilled that Chase gave me a shot at the title this morning!

We started our date at McDonalds where Chase enjoyed some cinnamon pull-aparts.  Chase is getting old enough that we is quite self conscious of having his dork dad take pictures of him at a fast  food restaurant.  I noticed that he wasn’t thrilled to have his picture taken and made a point to embarrass him the best I could.

After our fine fare, we headed over to our church building early for our second official paper airplane contest.  Before the battle we had a simple devotional where we reviewed the Plan of Salvation on the white board in my office.  Chase has a good knowledge of the plan and was able to explain the whole things to me, except for the three degrees within in the Celestial Kingdom.  To be honest, I realized that my undertanding and knowledge of these three degrees was not that great, so I committed to do a little study rather than spout off some BS.

After the lesson, we headed into the gym where we started the contest.  We used the same rules as last time, which allows each of us to make five paper airplanes, and then to fly each “bird” a total of three times.  Last time I made three different designs, of which only two flew very well.  My strategy this time was to stick with my best design for all five of my planes, but to try simple modifications.  Chase went with a variety of designs, some of which where very creative.

After all of our throws one of my planes soared the farthest, so I proclaimed myself the new champion.  Chase was quick to remind me that now we are technically tied, since we had now both won one contest.  I agreed to his logic, but still reaped all of the benefits of improved self-esteem and confidence as if I was the new champion.  I have always been good at convincing myself that I am a winner, despite reality.

I should mention that after the official contest was over, Chase ended up with the record for the day, and managed to win $2.00 from me.  I have a tendency to put my money where my mouth is, even though I can rarely back up my smack with any sort of performance.