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Scotland wanted to head back to my office again so that we could have a little Street Fighter III rematch!

CerealI love being with my little Scott Dogg.  He is such a fun and gentle little guy who tries so hard to do the right things.Door

We started our date by heading straight into my office where we had a little cereal while watching an inspirational video.  I am writing the details of this date about a month after it happen, so I can’t remember the details of the video.  On that same note, I feel bad because I don’t remember some of the conversation or the details of what was said during our date. My life has been a little bit crazy this last month and I feel bad that I have not made the time to update my blog.  

The important thing is that we went on our date and had a great time.  I do remember that Scott’s favorite part, of all things, is the opportunity to grab some candy out of the candy jar that sit on the HR Executive Assistant’s desk.

I also remember that after playing Street Fighter, Scott wanted to team up in Mario Kart.  Him and finished every single race in the last two spots.  I am actually glad that my kids don’t play enough video games to get good at them.  I definitely prefer it when they are outside doing things that are active. 

TransformersSince I don’t have a lot to write about this date, I will just take a moment to express some of my thoughts and feelings about Scott.  Like I mentioned before, he seems to try harder than any of my kids to honor his mom and I.  He is the most self-reliant.  He wakes up every morning, gets himself ready for school, proactively makes himself Candybreakfast if it is not prepared by myself or Alicia.  He is the first one ready and always on time to our family scripture study.  He is the first one in the car, prepared and ready to go to school.  His nature is gentle and kind.  He has a contagious laugh and smile.  He looks up to his older siblings and makes a lot of effort to get them to smile and laugh with him.  He is such an amazing child!  I love him and am grateful for him.  I love watching him grow and develop.  One of my favorite things was when I attended one of his school’s activities one evening and watching him shout out and say high to everyone of his classmates as he say them.  I love that he is extroverted and social; not in a “look at me” way that Chase and I are guilty of, but in a sincere and caring way.  Scott is a blessing to our family!