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Red Velvet


This has been a wonderful, yet busy, weekend due to the Thanksgiving holiday!  It was very nice since I was able to take off both Thursday and Friday of both work and school.  This made it so that we didn’t have to wake up at 5 AM to go on a date.

Bunny_EarsIt was quite cute, because Zoe was so excited to go on our date.  We did a family movie night on Saturday, and because the movie would not be done until 9 PM, I suggested to Zoe that we Feature2push off our date until next week.  She did not like the idea of pushing back our date more than we already had, and quickly suggested that we break off from the family and go on a date right then and there.  I am glad that she likes my FatherMoments more than watching a movie.

Yogurt_LolaIn order to not leave Alicia with her arms completely full, Zoe agreed to allow Lola to tag along with us.  We had a nice coupon for the Red Mango, where they were Kissfeaturing their Red Velvet yogurt, which helped us make the decision as to what we would do.

Our actual date was quite simple.  We just went to Red Mango, purchased, and ate some yogurt.  I sure think my girls are cute and I enjoyed taking pictures of them.  Lola was a great addition to our date and caused Zoe and I to laugh aloud several times.