Red Mango Nov25


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Red Mango

Nothing like a little frozen yogurt when it is freezing outside!  After giving her several options for a place to get a treat, she liked the idea of going to Red Mango the best, since she would be able to pick her toppings.

Zoe and I, actually, did not make it out on a date this last Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were with the rest of the family at a hotel in Park City having fun, and so we decided that it would be best to postpone our FatherMoment until Monday.

After our family home evening Zoe was excited to go Christmas shopping with a $10 card to Kohls that we received in the mail.  Unfortunately, as we were getting ready to leave I noticed that the card was not valid until December, so we decided to go to Target instead.  We roamed around the store and Zoe ended up finding a gift for her momma, and one for her little sister, Lola.  The Sing-a-ma-jig for Lola was 50% off, with made the strange little toy that much more appealing!  I can’t reveal what she bought for Alicia since we need to keep it a surprise until the big the day.  Zoe was super fun to shop with as she got very excited over several different gift ideas.  She only had a $10 budget which made it difficult to find the perfect gift.  She, especially enjoyed swiping the credit card at the checkout.  This girl is excited to own her own credit card, one day!

After shopping we sat by fire at the Red Mango and ate our “nutritious” treat while chatting.  It was simple date, but we had a ton of fun.  On the way home we sang aloud to one of her favorite songs, “Beautiful Savior”.