Read-a-thon Jan10


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TogetherWell, Aspen is currently pushing hard to finish her goal of reading the entire Book of Mormon.  We have a plan to celebrate this accomplishment by taking her to Disneyland in February, so there is a little but of a deadline.  Jumping

CocoaFor our FatherMoment date this morning we woke up and dived right into the sacred text.  We started the date by getting some hot chocolate to wake us up and get us warm.  We took turns reading while the other person prepared or drank their Mormon cup of Jo.

After drinking the hot chocolate we snuggled up by the fire.  We took turns reading, alternating after every verse.  Because we would be reading for a full hour we made a plan to do exercises after every chapter.  You can see from the pictures that we were able to get in some jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, and wall-sits.  Situp

PushupAt the very end Aspen was getting a little burned out and I ended up reading the entire last chapter while tickling her back.

At the end of our read-a-thon we had read 7 chapters and are almost done with the Book of Helaman!