Racquetball Jan20


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Zoe is looking like she might be my most athletic daughter!  We had a racquetball court reserved for 5:00 AM, which we were running a little late to.  Zoe was so cute, because she reminded me twice throughout the week to call ahead and make a reservation.  If it wasn’t for her, there was a good chance that I would have put it off and forgotten.  On the way over Zoe told me about how she likes to play on the slide during recess, and how there was a big muddy puddle at the bottom of the slide this week that a few of her classmates fell in.

When we arrived at the fitness center, we started with some basics.  I would drop the ball and Zoe was take a swing at it.  To my surprise and delight she caught on very quickly and was really getting a hang of keeping her eye on the ball and timing her swing just right.  The next drill was for me to bounce the ball off the wall and Zoe would hit it as it was coming at her.  Once again, she did this very well.  Towards the end of our racquetball drills she decided to switch to a two handed grip.  She was super cute the whole time! 

After racquetball drills we decided to do some exercise by running some ladders.  I went first to show Zoe how to do them.  She went next and performed them well.  I was breathing much harder than her at the end of our sets.

To finish it off we kicked around a mini-soccer ball.  It was so much fun!  I loved watching my little girl adapt and improve.  I must say that she seems to be a natural little athlete.  Her hand-eye coordination is good, her timing and anticipation is great, her balance is also great, and her intensity seems really good already.  Mark my words… we are all going to have to keep an eye on Zoe Lynn!

After playing we stopped by IHOP for some breakfast.  We played tic-tac-toe while we waited for the food.  I beat her two out of three time!

On the ride back to the house we sang, “This Old Man (knick-knack-patty-wack)”, and “The Skunk Song”.  I loved the morning!