Racquetball IV Apr12


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Racquetball IV


Zoe is an official racquetball player!  This was our fourth time playing and she loves it.

DevotionalSince we have done this date thrice before it is sorta feeling like a routine date.  We wake up, eat a little breakfast, have a little devotional, and thPushupsen set off to the American Fork Recreation center.  Once we arrive we also have a routine where we do some exercises.  Today, we added to our exercise routine by including some push-ups.  We continued to run ladders and do jumping jacks and situps.

We added a few drills to our play.  We also set a record of hitting the ball consecutively for 17 times between the two of us before someone missed it or messed up in some way.  I am really impressed at Zoe’s hand-eye coordination.  She also does well swinging a racquet backhanded.

Anyway, since this date was quite routine I will just simply add that Zoe talks my ear off the whole time that we are driving back and forth, which is the best part of the date.  I love to listen to her.  I always start by trying to focus our conversations on something meaningful.  Today, the topic was about education.  We talked about how knowledge is one of the two things that you get to take with you into the next life after we die, and how one of the things that makes our Heavenly Father a God is His perfect and complete knowledge of all things.  As we talked about God Zoe chimed in with a lot of other facts that she has learned over the Laddersyears.Situps

The good news is that we didn’t end our date by buying donuts!  As a family we are making some concerted efforts to eat healthier.  One of the things that we have a goal to do is to only eat a dessert or treat once a week.  This family goal will be good for Zoe since she seems to have the second sweetest tooth in our family behind myself.