Racquetball III Aug31


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Racquetball III

I was so thrilled when Zoe told me that she wanted to play racquetball for our FatherMoment date!  This is our third time doing this, which means that she legitimately likes a sport that I love.

Our court reservation was from 5:00 to 6:00 AM; so, we didn’t have time to do a little devotional.  In fact, instead of making a breakfast we both just ate a PowerBar and called it good.  Zoe is a chatty little thing and I love how she talks like a California “valley girl”.  On the way to the American Fork Fitness Center Zoe was telling me how she thinks Aspen and her are Tomboys.  This reminded me of a post Alicia wrote a while back about how Zoe and Aspen are super girly.

We arrived at the fitness center and had our friend who works there (I don’t know her name, but I knew her in high school because she was one of the trackers) take our pictures (not one of Zoe’s best smiles).  Before playing Zoe showed off one of her tricks by climbing in the door jam.  We did the same drills and games that we have done the last two times, and Zoe is getting much better at them.  Rarely does she missed the ball and she is hitting the ball quite hard.  As I practice with her I daydream about how she is gong to be a great player.  In fact, I daydream about how she will also be a great tennis player once I introduce her to that game.  I think I have mentioned before that she has great timing and hand-eye coordination.

After playing we did our usual ladders in the court, progressively running back and forth between the wall and the lines on the court.  We added some situps to our routine, taking advantage of some of the exercise equipment that is available just outside the courts.

To finish the date we went to the grocery store where Zoe was able to pick a delicious doughnut.  What a wonderful start to my day and weekend!