Racquetball II Mar16


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Racquetball II

Imagine my delight when I heard that Zoe wanted to play racquetball again for this morning’s FatherMoment!  This means that 1) She must have enjoyed our date last month, and 2) She really likes racquetball!

We started by reading a few scriptures about marriage and chastity.  The one was when the Lord said, “I the Lord delight in the chastity of women”.  This subject may be a little much for my little Zoe since she is currently super shy around boys, but I am really hoping my little girls are chaste throughout their lives, and I would rather talk to them about sexual purity at an age that is too young, as opposed to one that its too late.

After the devotional we still had a little time on our hands before our court reservation, so we decided to have a little breakfast.  Although he was reluctant, we were able to get Chase to come and take a picture of us.

On our way to the fitness center we practice some match problems, of which Zoe got 100% correct.  After math Zoe impressed me by being able to spell a 10-letter word, “Difficulty”.  We spent the rest of the time learning an 11-letter word, “Mississippi”.

Today we played “harder” than we did last time.  Zoe was enjoying so of the drills that we were doing, so we just kept do them over and over again.  Zoe is getting better!  What impressed me today is that she is able to hit the ball with both her forehand and her backhand.  I had to get a picture of the backhand since I was so impressed with it.  We ended up playing racquetball for the full hour.  At the very end we ran two sets of ladders each.  I hope my kids grow up loving activity will the will power to push themselves.

It was a great morning!