Racquetball 5 Jan17


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Racquetball 5

TogetherThis morning was another fantastic and active date with my beautiful little Zoe!

Swing2I was gone last night at a church activity so I didn’t get a chance to coordinate with her before our date.  She was worried that I might forget; so, she set her own alarm clock and woke up at 5:00 AM, ready to start our Swingdate.

I love that Zoe is active and enjoys sports.  It makes for fun dates.  She has really enjoyed the times that we have played racquetball in the past and wanted to do that again.  One benefit of being awake so early is that we don’t usually have a problem finding a court.

When we arrived at the American Fork Fitness Center the lady working the desk was nice enough to let Zoe in for free and she let us borrow a racquetball for free as well.  Also, she was happy to take our picture, which she has done the last four times we came to play.

BackhandZoe and I followed our same routine of drills and games, along with our traditional running of “ladders” at the McDonaldsend.  In addition, I also taught Zoe the official rule on how to serve and let her practice doing this.  Also, we practiced her backhand shots for a while.  As always I am impressed at how naturally coordinated and athletic she is.  I am curious as to how strong her mental game will be.  Right now she is still young and is just having fun.  I hope that she becomes a scrapper that gives 110% in practices and games.

Since we saved some money on our racquetball fees, Zoe thought it would be a great idea to stop and get some food at McDonalds.  It is really easy to say, “Yes”, to my little princess, which made for a nice ending to our FatherMoment.