Racquetball Apr26


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Chase and I finally made it out to play racquetball on a date!  I think that there has been three of four times that we have tried to play for our FatherMoments over the last two years, but I have usually waited until the last minute and we have Ladderhad problems reserving a court.

Our court time wasn’t until 6:00 AM, so we had some time before hand to eat breakfast and have a little devotional.  Similar to what I did with Zoe on our last date, we watched a video while Racquetballeating.  The video we watched was about the priesthood keys.  This topic led to a nice discussion that we had while driving to the American Fork Fitness Center.  Chase’s knowledge and understanding of the priesthood is pretty incredible.  I would say that he understands more now than I did as a missionary in the MTC.  I did clarify that not all priesthood holders hold keys, and that authorization is required from a presiding authority for most blessings and all ordinances.

ExerciseWhen we arrived at the court we stuck to tradition and ran some ladders to get Situpswarmed up.  Chase is getting faster.  For the next 35 minutes we played racquetball.  Chase is good enough that we were able to play an actual game and stick to the rules.  We did a few drills in the middle of the game to help Chase.  He kept hitting the ball high in the back of the court, so I helped him learn to let the ball come off the back wall before hitting it.  I was surprised at how well he was able to do this.  His timing, when hitting the ball is really good.

After playing, Chase was really interested in the various workout equipment that they have available.  We ended up going around and doing several reps on various machines.  To finish up the date Chase wanted to run around the track once while I timed him.  He ran 1/12th of a mile in 28 seconds.

It was a great way to start our weekend!