Racquetball Apr19


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Today was Scott Dogg’s first time playing racquetball.  The exciting news is that he is a natural with some natural born talent and athletic instincts!

MorningOur court appointment was for 5:00 am, so instead of starting with a devotional we just went directly to the American Fork Fitness Center.  Scott and I talked about how wrestling on the Feature1way over and how he has been winning me lately.  I used to dominate him, but his new “freeze power” makes it hard to attack him without getting temporarily paralyzed.  Also, we created a new “Tap Rule” which allows a person to tap out which makes it so that the other person has to stop, so that nobody gets hurt.  I have been the person that has had to tap out the last three times we battled.  I told Scott that I was going to hit him hard with a racquetball to get revenge.

RaquetballWhen got to the court Scotland and I started with the same drills that I have done with Zoe.  Scott did great, as you can probably tell from the picture.  She record was hitting the ball 11 times without missing.  Also, he was able to hit the ball all the way to the ceiling.Swing1

To keep tradition I taught Scott how to run ladders and we did some exercises; although he was not interested in doing any situps.

LadderWhen we got home we watched a few Mormon Messages.  We watched Uchtdorf’s message and the marshmallows that teaches the importance of patience.   We also watched a good one about a boy who sets a Guinness World Record by letting 125 spiders crawl on him.