Pumpkin Bread Oct07


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Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is a wonderful way to enjoy a cool October morning!  We have been on a baking kick in the Gardner home, lately; but I am not complaining because I love to bake!

Scotland and I started did our morning devotional at the computer where we watched some videos that teach lessons.  To be honest, I am writing this blog post three weeks after the actual date, so I don’t remember what the messages were about.  I am sure they were good 😉

I do remember the experience of making the pumpkin bread.  He had two different recipes to choose from and we decided to go with the one that called for more butter.  This seemed to the most logical choice.  Scotland was a delight the entire morning and talked my ear off.  He happen to say a line that made with laugh aloud.  He said in his serious voice while nodding his head, “Bad guys tend to be mean.”  Something about hearing a three year old use the phrase tend to be in any context is really funny!  It just so happens that last week my neighbor, who is a vice-principal of an elementary school, told me that, in the past, most kids started kindergarten with a vocabulary of 15,000 words.  Now a days, kids’ vocabularies are closer to 5,000 at the same age.  They think it is due to the lack of interaction with adults, as kids spend more and more time watching the same movies, over and over.  I am not sure how the rest of you are, but I rarely believe a fact or statistic.  I am not sure how they would even measure a kids vocabulary!  Do they sit a six-year-old down and say, “Tell me every word you know.”?

Lately, Alicia and I are hearing more and more, from other people, how much the love Scott.  Both his nursery teachers and his preschool teachers have pulled Alicia aside and said, “Scotland is my favorite kid!”  We sure enjoy him, and often we find ourselves at night laughing about the funny things he says and does.

Anyway, back to the morning.  We had a great time and the rest of the family was glad to have some warm yummy bread for breakfast!