Pull-A-Parts Aug24


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Life is finally starting to get back into a routine!  The kids are going back to school, I am back in school, and my FatherMoments will be back to Friday mornings at 5:00 AM.  This means that our dates will go back to simple and creative things that we can do in the morning before the rest of the world is up and going.

Aspen and I started our date this morning with a nice little devotional where we read a few versus of scripture and then had a brief discussion.  We read from the Book of Moroni about how Jesus conferred the priesthood on the 12 disciples that he called in the Americas, anciently.

After scriptures we went to the kitchen and made one of Aspen’s favorite breakfasts, cinnamon pull-a-parts.  These happen to be the same favorite breakfast that I used to request on Christmas morning as a child.  Aspen was responsible for opening the pop-and-fresh biscuits which turned into a fun event.  It took her about 5 minutes just to pull back the paper on the package and then another 5 minutes to get the package to actually pop open!  It was fun watching her try.  She would “karate chop” the package as hard as she could, which is like a toddler hitting an adult with all its might.  Aspen is a great little wrestler but she is not known for packing a punch.  After Aspen’s hand was sore from chopping, she attempted beating the package with a spoon to no avail.  This gave me a proud manly moment when I was able to impress my little girl by taking the package and getting it to burst open with just one hit!

Aspen quartered the dough biscuits and I prepared the secret sauce (butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon).  The end product was a master piece which was quickly devoured.

The remainder of the date was the best part because we cuddled up under a blanket and watched a video that Alicia had prepared on Aspen’s 8th birthday which contains a ton of pictures of Aspen throughout the years set to music.  It was so great to hold my precious little girl and reminisce!